Due to an unexpected HVAC maintenance concern, the Senior Activity Center of Sheboygan must temporarily close the building to staff and visitors. As we work to complete the unanticipated maintenance followed by the necessary deep cleaning and sanitization, SACS staff will continue with the Phase 1-Part B programming with a few minor changes.

We will continue to keep you updated as we work to reopen the building.






Providing dynamic social opportunities to promote wellness, learning, and recreation for active seniors.

Located within walking distance of Lake Michigan and in the Ellis Historical Neighborhood, we are a vibrant community center with an emphasis on wellness, travel, and the arts.  We enjoy partnerships with a diverse group of local businesses and organizations.  Active members lead programs, teach classes, and are enthusiastically involved in the operation of all aspects of our organization.



RESPECTFUL – We believe in the inherent value of all people.

WELCOMING – We support an environment that is inclusive and inviting.

PURPOSEFUL – We provide experiences which inspire members and guests to use their talents to the best of their ability.

RELATIONAL – We encourage opportunities to maintain and develop new friendships.

ACCESSIBLE – We foster an environment that is inclusive and accessible to people of all abilities.



Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 8:00am - 4:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 2:00pm

Phone: 920-459-3290

We are closed on most nationally recognized holidays and we are closed for normal daily activities during any elections, so that SACS can be used as a polling place.





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Inclement Weather Policy

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REMINDER - When the Sheboygan Area School District closes due to weather conditions, we are also closed. Listen Live to WHBLWTMJ, or WISN12 for more information on bad weather days. You can also check out our Facebook page for the latest information.



We are a Dementia-Friendly building. This means the staff have been trained to recognize signs of and help those with dementia, in order to help reduce the stigma and increase the inclusion of those with dementia.

Rent the Center

Looking for the right place to hold your next big event? Rental of all or portions of our facility is available seven days a week (limited availability during regular hours of operation). For more information, please contact Melissa.


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  • Wed, Jul 1st

Newsletter Submittal Deadline

All items for the newsletter need to be submitted to Melissa by the 5th of the prior month.

Senior Activity Center Newsletter is sponsored by the Friends of the Senior Activity Center

Friends Board of Directors

Scott Johnston - President
Alison Petri - Vice President
Connie Koenig - Treasurer
Jane Brill - Secretary
Dana Elmzen - Member
Laura Gumm - Member
Andrew Jakus - Member
Cesar Lemus - Member
Marilyn Montemayor - Member
Derek Muench - Member

The Friends of the Senior Activity Center board meets the fourth WEDNESDAY of each month at 8:00am.

Senior Services Commission

Jeanne Bogardus - Chair
Samy Yang - Vice Chair
Barb Felde - Alderperson
Sue Garski - Member
Laura Gumm - Member
Robert Helminiak - Member
Rich Miesfeld - Member
Candace Pitts - Member
Evelyn Prevenas - Member

The Senior Services Commission meets the third WEDNESDAY of every other month at 8:00am.

Thank you to the many individuals who give of their time to help the Senior Activity Center of Sheboygan staff continue to encourage older adults to be active and engaged in their community.

If you would like to a specific item on either the Friends Board agenda or the Senior Services Commission agenda, please see Vicky or Melissa.

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