The Senior Activity Center of Sheboygan is proud to off a variety of programs. Expand your horizons or even step outside your comfort zone. With something for everyone, the hardest part will be choosing which to attend! 


Get in touch with your creative side. Open to all these groups are the perfect place to find the inner artist or crafter that is just aching to get out!


Learn something new everyday. Check out these amazing opportunities to do just that! 


We all need a little support now and then. Find encouragement surrounded by others experiencing the same life challenges.

Fitness Opportunities 

Get involved with your mind and body connection. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, these classes will help you gain a better understanding of physical awareness, flexibility, and strength.


Let's be honest, not everything fits in a nice tidy category. Here are some additional ways you can enjoy what the Senior Activity Center of Sheboygan has to offer.


Come for the excitement and competition, stay for the good time and company of others. All of our games are open to everyone!

Rachel's Fitness Classes

Join Rachel Conery as she guides you on your road to to a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy one or more of these classes to gain a better understanding of your body and how exercise can affect your cardiovascular health. You will focus on strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic fitness. 


Whether you are meeting up with old friends or meeting new friends, SACS is the perfect place! Join an activity or enjoy a cup of coffee in the SACS Cafe.