Rachel's Fitness Classes

Join Rachel Conery as she guides you on your road to to a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy one or more of these classes to gain a better understanding of your body and how exercise can affect your cardiovascular health. You will focus on strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic fitness. 

Rachel's classes can be enjoyed using the Fitness FLEX Pass. A 24 punch pass can be purchased at the reception desk for $24/friends or $36/guests.

Classes are on going. Beginners are welcome and you can join anytime. First class is free!


A.B.C. Fitness

Improve or maintain balance and cardiovascular health in the Ageless Balance and Cardio class. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS at 8:15am  


Use every muscle in your body, improve your health and balance, by dancing to a wide variety of music. MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, & FRIDAYS AT 9:00am

Body Basics

Aerobics, strength, flexibility, balance, and fun! MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, & FRIDAYS AT 10:30am

Flex and Stretch

Ideal for beginners or those who prefer a low impact program. This class includes it all: gentle cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance training. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS at 10:30am  

Line Dancing

Low impact. The repetitive footwork makes for FUN exercise for the body and the brain. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS at 9:00am   


Stretching and Elongating Low impact movements for ultimate Flexibility! This class is open to anyone, but there will be some floor work. Afraid you can’t get up? No worries! We will learn and practice how to get up safely and without pain! MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, & FRIDAYS AT 11:15AM